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1969 Jaguar E-type For Sale!

September 20, 2017  –  The 1969 Jaguar E-type featured in these pages is now being offered for sale. I have moved to working almost exclusively on Rolls Royce and Bentley cars from the 1930’s through mid-1970’s and want this beautiful E-type to go to a Jag lover who will treasure and enjoy it.  Two owner California car, less than 40,000 miles, bare metal respray and zero rust.  Brakes, suspension, steering, carbs, fuel pump, rubber, chrome  etc., etc, replaced or rebuilt. Restoration documented here in this blog. Original CA license plates and docs since purchase new in January, 1970.  You will not find another like this.

Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: The Distractions of a Bentley Mk VI and a MG TD

As I mentioned in my last post – in addition to doing a bit of work on various people’s car I have also been working on a 1949/50 Bentley and a 1953 MG TD.  Of course, there is also my wife’s Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce that needs to be kept on the road for her!  Hard to get time to blog on the Jag. I plan to switch to a more general classic and sports car blog to cover all the bases so watch for that.  In the meantime here are some teaser pictures of the progress on the Bentley and the MG TD –          

Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: OMG – Almost a Year Since I Last Posted! What is the State of the E-type?

I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since I last posted on the site!  Too many distractions with a new house and workshop, change in my position at work, travel, and spending time on other projects – most notably a 1949/50 Bentley and a 1953 MG TD.  Well  – just to let you know the E-type is in fine shape and I hope to show it this summer.  After some shake-down driving and tuning there are a few things I have attended to that I will post on.  In case you were wondering – here is the car today.   I will update with more pictures and details on some of the finishing work shortly.        

Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: EVEN More Distraction – Temporary move to Italy, but I do spot a Daimler

On top of moving house – I had a long term commitment to spend the Fall of 2013 in Italy working on a writing project.  I have to say, I might not have chosen this exact time to do it had I known we would move house, but on the other hand I am living and working in a villa above the town of Bellagio on Lake Como in Lombardy.  You cannot really beat it. Here is the view walking down to the village. While I have not seen any Jaguar E-types here, I was taking the boat into the town of Como on the weekend to shop and happened upon a Swiss registered Daimler – which was an illustrious company in the UK that was taken over by Jaguar after the Second World War.  Prior to the War Daimlers had been the cars of choice of the Royal Family.  You do not see them much in North America – here is the one I spotted at Bellagio.  Switzerland is very close and I guess …

Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: A distraction of selling Porsche and Triumph to make way for Pre-war Rolls Royce

I had some travel to do for work after the Jag came home and then on top of that ended up prepping two cars for sale – a 1973 Porsche 914 and 1959 Triumph TR3A.  This summer I acquired a very interesting barn find. The find in a shed in Ventura County being a 1933 Rolls Royce with a special elongated hood by Rolls Royce and a sports saloon body by Hooper.  How could I resist!   Mind you it took 5 guys and a day to clear the way and basically manhandle the Rolls Royce out of the shed it had been sleeping in.   We also needed to bring hub tools and a spare wheel from another pre-war Rolls Royce to get the thing rolling.  But in the end all went great. In the interest of space, and as over time I have shifted more to Bentley and Rolls Royce cars, I needed to clear the decks a little. After some mechanical work and detailing both the Porsche and the Triumph sold very fast …

Some Earlier Additions

Shortly after returning to California I decided to get back into vintage British sports car restoration. I was gun shy about the costs and difficulty of rebuilding an XKE. I had always had a soft spot for the venerable Triumph TR3 after I became familiar with one in a high school autoshop class. I had worked on Triumphs in Canada so had experience.  I thought the TR3 had the right combination of performance – it was a winner at Le Mans in the sub 2 litre class after all – vintage rakish looks and ease of restoration. The fact that Moss Motors, right up the coast, had almost all the parts for the TR3 in stock and at reasonable prices was an added inducement. One day a 1959 TR3 came up for sale online for a price I could afford. I had been checking early every morning on various online sites. Promptly at 8:00 am (I am an early riser) I called the owner and said if the car was as described I would buy …