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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: EVEN More Distraction – Temporary move to Italy, but I do spot a Daimler

On top of moving house – I had a long term commitment to spend the Fall of 2013 in Italy working on a writing project.  I have to say, I might not have chosen this exact time to do it had I known we would move house, but on the other hand I am living and working in a villa above the town of Bellagio on Lake Como in Lombardy.  You cannot really beat it. Here is the view walking down to the village.


While I have not seen any Jaguar E-types here, I was taking the boat into the town of Como on the weekend to shop and happened upon a Swiss registered Daimler – which was an illustrious company in the UK that was taken over by Jaguar after the Second World War.  Prior to the War Daimlers had been the cars of choice of the Royal Family.  You do not see them much in North America – here is the one I spotted at Bellagio.  Switzerland is very close and I guess they drove over for the day.


Daimler V8 at Bellagio, Italy

It may simply look like a re-badged Jaguar Mark 2, but don’t be fooled. The grill has the traditional Daimler raking and a “D” replaces the leaper Jaguar. Under the bonnet is a V8 engine designed by Daimler. It also has a slightly more luxurious finish than the Jaguar version.  A really beautiful car!


Daimler V8 grill.


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