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A Distraction – Replacing Porsche 914 Fuel Pump

Imagine driving your sports car, top open and tunes playing, along a busy main street crowded with people to meet up for dinner – say someplace like State Street in Santa Barbara – when your car just dies completely…. Well that is what happened with our Porsche 914.  It bucked a couple of times and died. Fortunately, a friendly (and large) cabby helped me push it to the curb. My suspicion was a relay or the fuel pump – but not much you can do at that time of night. I have spare relays and replaced the fuel pump one on the spot, checked the fuses, but all was ok there… no luck getting the car to run, so a call went out to the AAA for a tow.

Once back at home I used a tried and true method to see if the pump was at fault. First, when you turn on the ignition on a 914 you should hear the fuel pump whir for a moment. I noticed mine was decidedly quiet.  I again checked the relays etc. and all was good. So, here is the high tech test of the Porsche 914 fuel pump… You leave the ignition on, crawl under the car a little and tap the pump with a wrench. The pump in the 1973 914 is located underneath the car behind the passenger door area. If the pump starts to run and then engine starts up and runs a bit when you get back up and behind the wheel  – you have good reason to suspect the pump if at fault. I thank my son for this particular diagnostic! Sure enough, a couple of taps and the pump would run for a while.

The Bosch fuel pumps for the Porsche 914 are hard to get so I settled for an aftermarket one.  They are not cheap for the 1973 model. The first step in installing a new pump is to disconnect the battery. This is important and you are in a situation where lots of fuel can spill if you do not watch it. You then have to jack the car up on the passenger side and take tools and fuel line clamps underneath the car with you.  In a 1973 914 1.7 here are three lines that go in and out of the pump. Make sure to crimp the lines tightly as fuel can and will spew out if you do not. Mark the lines so you make sure to correctly attach them to the new pump. Once I had the pump out I bench tested it and it would run for a moment and then just die or not start at all.  Definitely the culprit.  Installing the replacement pump is easy – just had to make sure to get the hoses hooked up correctly and tight! At the same time I changed  the fuel filter. The filters are cheap and any particles etc. in the fuel can ruin the new pump and play havoc with the Bosch fuel injectors.

Once the new pump was in the Porsche again ran like a charm and has behaved itself very well – but I have not quite forgiven it for that embarrassing  stall in downtown Santa Barbara!

7 comments on “A Distraction – Replacing Porsche 914 Fuel Pump

  1. dan says:

    Just wanted to say thanks I just bought a 914 and can’t remember where any thing is.I used to work on these back in the 70’s but lost most of what I had learned. now I need to find the fuel pump relay as there is no power via a test light . any who thanks


    1. gmmacdonald says:

      Hi Dan –

      Thanks! Just look in the Porsche engine compartment and you will see a rubber cover and the relay board in the compartment on the passenger side (US car). The relay is a round one – second from back after the heater relay. There will be three or four of the round standard Bosch relays (one is for the rear window defroster and not all cars have this). By the way – use genuine Bosch relays and not the less expensive after market ones. I have literally had the after market ones fall apart in my hand.

      Here is a trick – since the relays are the same, if your heater fan (rear of the car in engine compartment) works, you can swap the relays and if your pump then has power – you know it is a bad relay. You should also hear the relay click on and off with the ignition.

      Now – one other issue – the key cylinder in these cars tends to go bad and for a while you can jiggle the key and it will work, and then it doesn’t. If you have no starter, fuel pump etc. – you probably need to replace this. It is not a bad job.

      Finally – if you have to change the fuel pump make sure you clamp the fuel lines up really well! They will pour out fuel if not and it is highly dangerous. You also have to make sure the lines go back on the new pump in the right order. Take your time and work carefully.

      Hey – have fun with the Porsche 914- we just drove over 600 miles in ours to go to Legends of the Autobahn in Carmel – and all the other Pebble Beach stuff including the Pacific Grove Rally. It ran great and we had lots of thumbs up.



  2. Jesse says:

    I’m having trouble finding a replacement for my 1974 original Bosch pump (the 3 nippled one) Where did you get yours? The only thing I’ve found so far is a remanufactured pump from Python Injection. I don’t know about them and am not sure if that is the route to take.

    Any help, much appreciated.

    PS, beautiful car, mine is Signal Orange as well.


    1. gmmacdonald says:

      The original OEM Porsche 914 fuel pumps with the three hose configuration are tough to find. I got mine from Auto Atlanta – which you should know about as they carry a good selection of parts. When I got it it was a non-OEM pump and they tested each one prior to shipping because some did not function. Mine has gone over 2 years now with no problems. At the moment they are selling rebuilt pumps that are correct for your car –

      B311906091D (Rebuilt/Reproduction) REBUILT 914 FUEL PUMP, 1970-74 $236.50 914 1970-76

      Have a look – it may be your only option.

      The orange is a GREAT color on these cars – captures the whole 1970’s vibe and is like a toy.

      GOOD LUCK!


  3. james bissias says:

    i am looking for the fuel pump for my single orange 74. Anyone have any idea where I can get one. My 74 is a little rough around the edges but will be putting it back togehter.


    1. gmmacdonald says:

      Hi James – Try Auto Atlanta. They have a selection of the 914 pumps at decent prices. When I purchased from them they had pre-tested the unit.–Pump-srch.html

      Good luck with the 914 restoration. I just sold a lovely orange 914 and the new owner is having a blast with it.



  4. I just found this discussion while searching for another rebuilder for our bosch pumps, our quest to have them made new in China seemed to have fallen on its face, but we do pay 100 dollars each for your old core. As a fellow XKE owner (71 OTS, probably the very last car in my collection that I would ever sell!!), it is coincidental, that we are having a 914 discussion here!!!! I know a lot about the later six cylinder XKES as well as of course the 914!!! Please do not hesitate to call me for advice. George Hussey dr914


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