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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Front Brakes, Suspension and Steering: Part 2

Pulling the front brake rotors off the XKE / E-type is relatively straightforward. There is a half-shaft with a threaded end to which the hubs are bolted. The large bolt inside the hub is castellated and secured with a cotter pin. Now, since the cotter pin is inside the hub it has to be withdrawn through a small hole drilled through the hub. Once the cotter pin  is pulled out, and assuming the shaft has been well lubricated, the nut is easy to remove and the hub and brake rotor can taken off the car easily.

XKE / E-type Front Hub Removal

As the front brake rotor is bolted to the hub, it comes free at the same time as the front hub and then has to be separated from the hub. I found that an impact wrench was useful in freeing up the nuts and bolts that secure the rotor to the hub. Once I had the old rotors off the car I could compare them to the new replacement ones and there was really a huge difference in thickness. I am not sure the old ones would have taken any further machining – lucky for me that new rotors for the E-type are pretty inexpensive. So far – so good.

XKE / E-type Front Rotor

2 comments on “Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Front Brakes, Suspension and Steering: Part 2

  1. bill Rischan says:

    Great posting; question – do you know the minimum thickness for a front rotor (series 1); it is not listed in any book that I have. Also, thoughts on upgraded rotors and pads?


    1. gmmacdonald says:

      Thanks Bill – I have been busy on some other cars and hope to get back at the E-type shortly. Stand by.
      Now – as for the rotors. I do not know the exact minimum thickness for the Series 1 rotors. On newer rotors the minimum thickness is stamped on the rotor and a shop will not turn them if that data is not there. Early Jag rotors were pretty thin to start and personally – I would advise simply putting on new rotors. They really are not that expensive and it is not a tough job on the front brakes. Don’t fool around on this one – go new. For example – Welsh has Series 1 front rotors for $39.95….

      As for upgrades – there are various options – you can get a whole set-up with calipers and rotors etc. from Wilwood and that seems popular – check our Terry’s Jaguar for these and some options. Also take a look at what Welsh has available. If you want to go down this road – check out this PDF by Ray Livingston on the Wildwood conversion –

      Good luck!



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