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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Rebuilding the Power Steering Rack 3

Ok – now that the rack is out of the car take care to work on it in a SUPER clean place. Any grit that gets into the rack will likely ruin your new seals at best and could score the steering rod. Also – the rack will be full of residual fluid. It will leak – and if you move the rod right or left you can expect fluid to come squirting out of the couplings. It can get messy if you do not try and get this out before you rip into the rack.

The Jaguar rack is not like an American car rack where you can get to the seals from the tie rod ends of it. You are going to have to completely disassemble the rack to replace the seals. You also have to be very careful not to scratch the rod – and when the new seals are in place you have to be very careful not to cut or tear them during assembly.  Cleanliness and patience are a must for this job.

Removing the pinion tower during Jaguar E-type steering rack rebuild.

The tower and rack casing basically has three arge components to be taken apart when you start.  First, you might want to get the pinion tower out of the way. This is easy as it is held on with three studs. You also have to unscrew the fluid lines that run from the tower to the rack.  This all went pretty easily on my car.

Next you might want to get the the flexible tie rod ends off the rack.

Tabs holding tie rod ends on to steering rack.

These are held in place by double nuts that have special tabbed lock washers. You need to pry under the tabs and open them up so that you can unscrew the bolts. Be super careful because you do not want to in anyway scratch or damage the metal steering rack rod that the tie rod ends attach to. The double nuts will be on pretty tight and you might need a little reasonable

Removing tie rod ends.

force to get them to disengage and unscrew them. Be super careful not to scratch the steering rack rod when you get these nuts moving.  Mine were really tight and it took a slight tap to get them loose. Once they spin you can remove the tie rod ends. Be careful as there is a small spring in each end of the rod. You want to recover those and keep them safe so you can use them when you reassemble the unit.

Keep these springs at the ends of the steering rack rod for the reassembly!

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