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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Rebuilding the Power Steering Rack 5 – Someone had been here before!

Once you have the passenger-side end of the steering rack outer assembly off the shaft you can see where the rubber seal is sitting in a groove that is cut in the in the metal cylinder right where the rack extends out to the tie rod ends. Now to get it out you have to use something like a sharp tipped probe with a bent end. Be super careful not to scratch the inside cylinder of the rack or nick the groove.  Careful here.

The passenger side outer steering rack end (opposite side from steering pylon). Inside here is the first seal you want to replace – these are typically the first seal to go.

Jaguar XKE rubber seal inside grove in the end of the steering rack outer casing. Remove carefully.

Now, I found something interesting when I got the rubber seal out. It was unlike any I had seen in so far as it was a two part seal. There was a rubber seal with a groove and inserted into the grove was a another rubber seal. I was perplexed and phoned Dick Muary and asked if he had ever seen this – he had not. It seemed though that someone had been into the rack before and done a rebuild. Now the car has less than 40,000 miles – but given its age and the fat that it was driven a bit constantly until the previous owner passed away – it is reasonable that at some point the seals got hard and were replaced. Has anyone else seen this type of seal I wonder?

Unusual 2-part seal found in E-type power steering rack.

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