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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Rebuilding the Power Steering Rack 8 – The Steering Tower Seals

In addition to the rack seals, there are seals on the steering tower that should be replaced during a rebuild and these are included in most kits.  By the way – if you have to get deeper into the workings of the steering tower and the components therein it is likely better to send it off to the pros someplace like Coventry West as the tolerances and amount of play etc. are pretty important and I believe difficult to get right in the home shop.

There are seals at the bottom (rack side) and top (steering shaft side) of the tower that should replaced during the rebuild. I find the one on

Steering tower seal on the upper end of tower.

I find the one on the top end of the tower a little tricky to get out as it is set pretty deep – similarly you want to be careful fitting the new one in so that you do not damage the rubber and so that it seats tightly.

There is also gaskets where three bolts hold the tower to the rack assembly. These surfaces should be cleaned and very smooth before you bolt the tower and rack together so that you have a firm seal.

Lower tower seal and old flange gasket.

Make sure you note (photo is best) the orientation of the seals as they have proper orientations and will not work if you put them in backwards. There were no signs of leakage from any of the tower seals on the car, but they were looking a little tired once they were out and compared with the new ones.

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