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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Removing the Windscreen and Hatch Glass

The front windscreen and the rear hatch window both have small metal trim strips joined by small bright clips. Remove these very carefully from the rubber molding as they are quite expensive.  Now, the trick to getting the windscreen and rear hatch window out is pretty straightforward – but if you do not know the trick you can ruin some expensive glass!
In the case of both the front and rear windows there is a small strip of rubber that is inserted into the middle main molding rubber and puts tension on the molding. This keeps the molding and window in place. Trying to remove the molding with this strip in place – by prying it or cutting the main molding is a recipe for disaster.  This is a two person job. First, put one or two  glass suction handles on the outside of the glass and make sure they are on tight. Then while one person holds the suction handle so the window will not fall into the car the other person can pry up the end of the insert strip and then pull it out of the main rubber molding – it should come out easily in one long piece.

Prying up thin rubber insert strip in order to removed Jaguar E-type windscreen.

Removing the entire insert strip from around the windscreen

Once the insert strip is out the outward tension on the window molding rubber is decreased and you can use pull the window out from the car.  Some gentle persuasion and prying between body and rubber may be needed if the rubber is dry.  Gloves are a good idea.

Removing the windscreen from a Jaguar E-type

Removing the rear hatch window from a Jaguar E-type

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