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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Chrome and Trim Removal for Painting. Part 3

The large chrome finishers on the outside at the top of the doors on the 2+2  are held in place by small screws at the ends and rivets that the finishers slide on. Theses are fairly robust pieces and come of with a slight tapping forward with a rubber hammer against a soft piece of wood.  It should move forward and come off pretty easily.



There is a small section of the finisher that is attached to the body behind the door. This is held in place by plastic anchors and can gently be pried away from the body.


One of the oddest trim pieces  (and most frustrating) on the E-type is the chrome finisher at the very top of the door that holds the little rubber window squeegee against the window glass. The very narrow and delicate strip is held to the door by a series of raised rivets that link to tabs on the strip. In theory you gently tap the trim strip forward with a rubber or plastic hammer and then lift it away.  Be VERY CAREFUL – the strips are thin and prone to bending.  They are also near impossible to find as original makers parts.  The replacements are very expensive and not exactly like the original. In the case of my car the passenger side strip slid off easily with no problems. Alas – the driver side strip was frozen on and I was thinking of pulling out the window glass and drilling out the rivets from behind. We were going to leave the glass in the doors so that the doors would be the correct weight to get the gaps right when the car went into the paint and body shop. However the strip began to move – I thought I was home free, when disaster struck – the strip bent.   Anyone have a spare for 2+2 driver’s side???


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