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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: A Distraction – Work on a Jaguar Series III V-12 – Detailing, Driving and Delivery

With the rebuilt carbs, new starter and new cooling tank the Jaguar V-12 drove fantastic. It was a 4-speed and had a lot more torque and power delivered to the rear wheels than my Series II with the automatic transmission.  The interesting thing is that for the Series III E-types they used the long 2+2 wheel base for both the coupe and convertible. So, the feel of the car in terms of size, and the interior comfort was similar to the Series II 2+2.   The use of the long wheel base (9 inches longer all in the door area) allowed Jaguar to put an automatic transmission in the cars and also rationalized everything around one platform.

Here are some pictures of the finished and detailed car prior to delivery back to the owner. He has told us that he loves the easy starts with the gear reduction starter and that the car has never run better.  It really is a lovely car – long may it run! Enjoy –

Jaguar E-type Series III being detailed.

Jaguar E-type Series III being detailed.












Sharp V-12!

Sharp V-12!










Interior of the Jaguar E-type XKE Series III

























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