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If you have a lift, replacing the soft lines and the fuel filter from the tank up to the injector rail area is pretty straight forward on the Alfa Romeo Spider. Get the metric sized fuel line and a new fuel filter and you are on your way. If you do not have the tools, correct metric hoses, filter etc. – and experience – do not attempt this repair. Get a pro. The fuel system is filled with a nasty and very flammable liquid – any mistakes can be deadly.

Old fuel line and filter – soon to be replaced on 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider
Old and new soft fuel lines and filters – 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider

Once you get the lines done up to the injector rail – things get a bit more interesting… You need to move the radiator overflow out of the way and remove the air intake hose apparatus and the wiring to the injectors. Make sure to take pictures to remember how it all is wired. The injectors can be withdrawn from the head in order to remove the rail (don’t lose the seeger rings or forget to install new rubber seals and o-rings when you put the rail and injectors back into the car).

AIr intake hose out of the way in order to remove fuel rail and replace hoses on 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider
Removing an injector from the head. It is still attached to the fuel rail by a rubber hose. 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider

The rail is fastened at the middle base using a rubber mount. To get this off you have to get at the bottom nut from underneath the car. You will likely find this mount is in rough shape and you might as well order up a new one. You can then removed the injector rail with the hoses, injectors and their hoses, and rubber mount as one piece. I lost my camera with my photos of the rail – so grabbed pictures off the web in places like – – and put them together below.

Fuel rail, injectors and picture of how to use soldering iron tip to remove rubber lines on 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider.

Now the injector rail hoses fit extremely tightly. Cutting them with a blade is an invitation to nick the rail metal and ruin the seal between the rail and hose. Instead, use the tip of a hot soldering iron to melt the rubber on the hoses and remove them. It works fine. Below are the parts you need to replace the lines. You need four injector lines of course. You can use the hose clamps, or simply place the little caps on each end of the injector hose. The metal caps keep the hose from expanding and that is all the factory used. You also need some additional fuel hose aside from the small lengths for the injectors. Be safe and do as you see fit – remember that an engine fire is possible if you have leaks.

New injector hoses and a rubber mount for fuel rail. 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider

This is also a time to clean the injectors with appropriate fluid – or replace them if in doubt. You will also want to replace the injector rubber seals and O-rings. Reassembly is the reversal of assembly. Once you have it all together get the fuel pumps going and before you start the car check every inch of the line from tank to injectors for leaks. If you see seepage, fix the problem. If you detect none – start it up and keep a close eye on the injector rail hoses to make sure there in no seepage. If there is – shut down immediately and start over or have the car towed to a pro. If all works well you have some great motoring ahead in your now safer Spider!

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