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Over time, weight, heat and oil cause the motor mounts on any car to deteriorate. It was clear that this was the case with the MGA. The two mounts are low down at the front of the MGA engine. When you have the carbs, dynamo etc off the engine it is a perfect time to replace the motor mounts. You can place a wide piece if wood under the oil pan and use a trolley jack to take the weight off the two rubber and metal motor mounts. The left mount could be slipped off the brackets on the engine and frame and a new one slipped in place.

It is critical to make sure to replace the engine ground wire onto the engine side of the mount bracket – and make sure it has clean metal underneath it to make a good contact between your electrical system and the engine. This is particularly important for the starter.

With the right hand motor mount I found it easier to remove the engine bracket along with the mounts and change it that way. Comparing the old and new mounts you can see how much compression had occurred over the years…

1958 MGA with new motor mounts installed

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