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A Distraction – 2010 Concorso Italiano and Pebble Beach Concours

We go up to Monterey and Carmel every August for the annual classic car week. What can I say – it is a gearhead’s dream. Amongst other things there is  Concorso Italiano, many different car auctions, the historic motor races at Laguna Seca and of course the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach.  So, we save  our nickles and dimes  and go each year.  We have the added bonus of being able to drive up the California coast with friends to get there.

2010 was a particularly notable year at Concorso Italiano and Pebble Beach for us. My wife has an Alfa and as it was the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo there were lots of special Alfa displays etc. Also, Pebble Beach was celebrating the 75th anniversary of Jaguar. So, how could we miss it all! This year I also had the luxury of being driven up as a passenger (mechanic/navigator) in my wife’s Alfa  for the trip and also for the Pacific Grove Rally in which she drove.

The Alfa Spider Veloce at Concorso Italiano 2010

Alfa Spider Line Up at 2010 Concorso Italiano

There was well over 100 Alfas at Concorso and oodels of Ferraris, Lambos etc.  real eye candy. As usual the Alfa folks were really friendly and great to talk with. It was also treat that our good friend Harold came down from northern California with his Dad and his blue Fiat Spider. I figure Harold’s Dad has a good 30 years on me in age and he still  drives and works on his Spider – maybe I will get the Jag done after all!
One of the  of the real pleasures of Concorso Italiano is having a picnic lunch on the green surrounded by good friends and cool cars – and this year was no exception as we were also joined by Mark and Karen. Mark’s Jag is undergoing an engine rebuild so he came down with a ‘company car’ – a BMW Z4…

Picnic at 2010 Concorso Italiano

It was also nice that my sister and her husband were able to come down in their Porsche cabriolet and join us at Pacific Grove just before the rally got going. There are some great cars lined up along the main street of Pacific Grove before this event and they are largely usable and driven cars rather than trailer queens. When the rally starts everyone goes roaring off through the closed streets of Pacific Grove, through 17 Mile Drive and eventually through downtown Carmel. Some years it is fun to drive and some years it is fun to watch with all the other spectators.

Pacific Grove Prior to Start of rally 2010

Now, for the Jaguar buff, the big event at Pebble Beach was a collection of 12 Jaguar XK-SS roadsters from the 1950’s. This was to mark the 75th anniversary of SS-Jaguar cars. When jaguar withdrew from racing in the 1950’s they had a number of D-type race cars left and they transformed some 25 of these into street-going XK-SS roadsters. Then a fire destroyed the remaining stock and that was the end of this model. They are incredibly beautiful looking cars and fabulously valuable – perhaps worth $4 to $5 million each! The other notable Jag is the famous Malcolm Sayer designed racing  prototype XJ 13 which never raced due to a change of rules and then was wrecked in the 1970’s during a photo shoot and finally brought back to life! There was also a lovely Series I E-type on display. All in all a great week – despite distracting from the restoration work on my Jaguar!

Jaguar XK-SS Line Up 2010 Pebble Beach

Jaguar XJ 13 2010 Pebble Beach

Jaguar Series I E-type 2010 Pebble Beach

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  1. You are so right. I find out about this on a regular basis.
    Awesome article.


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