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One of the really exciting parts of Monetery in 2011 was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the E-type. I was so sorry ours was not quite done – but happy to see so many other owners basking in the glory! One high point for the E-type crowd was an all E-type race and then the chance for other E-types to take a few parade laps around the historic course. It was great. There were dozens of beautiful E-types all parked in a special paddock at the end of the track and in mid-day they rolled out to take a few laps together. I was envious of my friends Mark and Larry as they rolled off and around the track in the green and red coupes. Seeing so many great cars made my wife and I determined to get our E-type on the road and completed.

Here are a few shots of the E-types from Laguna Seca – enjoy!

E-types racing at Laguna Seca 2011

E-types lining up for parade lap at Laguna Seca 2011

Now there was lots of good stuff to see at Laguna Seca and some of the most fun is walking through the paddocks and seeing the cars in prep for racing and speaking with various folks involved in the racing business. I was also lucky to run into Dick Maury, of the Rebuild Department of Coventry West. Dick is the JCNA President and one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people on the planet in terms of E-type mechanicals. He has certainly helped me out in the past – I have also heard nothing but the best about his engine, steering and other component rebuilds. I have seen his work in motion and he is tops.

Our humble author and Jay Leno in awe of the Jaguars at Laguna Seca 2011.

I also had the pleasure of running into America’s Number One Gentleman in terms of classic cars. One of the nicest and friendliest and most knowledgeable people you are ever likely to meet in regards to classic cars and just plain in general. I am of course speaking of none other than Jay Leno. All in all – another great classic car week in Monetery!

4 comments on “Monterey 2011 – Jaguar E-types at Laguna Seca

  1. Chris Barrus says:

    By any chance, do you have any more photos of the XKE parade lap at Laguna Seca? That’s me in the blue ’67 coupe in your middle picture (license plate XKE 6T7) and though I have a couple pictures from inside, I don’t have any of us on the track.


    1. gmmacdonald says:

      Hi Chris – Let me look back in the photo archives and see if I can help. Glen


      1. gmmacdonald says:

        Hi Again – I took a look for your car in my pictures. I have two of you waiting to go onto the track – one you can read the license clearly one is only part of your car. I am afraid I did not capture you on the track though. Sorry about that – you have a lovely car! Glen


  2. Chris Barrus says:

    Thanks so much for looking. Love the blog!


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