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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: A Distraction – Work on a Jaguar Series III V-12

On top of moving into a new house and setting up garages, workshop and storage building – I had a new distraction from working on the 2+2 E-type. A client of my son’s asked Alex for some help with a Series III Jaguar E-type (the V-12).  It was not running due to fuel issues and had languished at a local shop. The client knew that Alex built hot rods and figured he might be able to help him with the E-type. My son said to his client “Me and my Dad works on Jags, I’ll take a look…” and the next thing is a flat bed delivered a red OTC Series III that was in need of some help. Beautiful car – but complex and tight in the engine compartment.  In the next few posts I will outline what we did to get this beauty back on the road.


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