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Jaguar XKE E-type Restoration: Installing the Windscreen

Compared with the rear hatch glass the front windscreen (windshield) is a real bear in my opinion. I suggest that you leave the vinyl top cover off the dash so you can work the rubber and glass from the inside more easily.  This is definitely a two person job.  We put the rubber surround in first and then liberally coated the glass grove with Vaseline. We then slotted the windscreen glass into the groove in the lower section of the rubber and slowly began to work our way around the edges of the glass working towards meeting up in the upper right corner.  It was slow and sometimes frustrating as you are dealing with a very large piece of curved glass – remember the curve on the 2+2 series 2 and 3 cars is pretty pronounced.

Once the glass is firmly in place  with the rubber making a nice lip all around and inside as well as outside you put the thin rubber lock strip in place in the same manner and using the same tool as used in the previous post about installing glass int he hatch opening.

There are times in this procedure you may want to give up…. but then in my case the local glass expert wanted $400 to do the job – I figured I would save the money… and I did!

Once the lock strip is in  it was pretty easy to install the bright metal trim strip into the rubber surround.  Fortunately it fit like a glove.  The chromed A-post finishers are held in place by a combination of small screws inside the door opening and by glue and the rubber surround.  Here is an important point to remember – the A-post chrome finishers are put on the car AFTER the bright metal rain gutter strips are installed. These are held in place by friction and glue. Similarly, you install the A-post finishers after the metal trim strips on the windscreen are installed. I used a black trim glue for both the rain gutter strips and the A-post finishers.  Once this was all installed the care really seemed to be coming together again! Here is a montage of pictures showing all the steps.


Rubber surround in and waiting to install windscreen.


Beautiful – the glass in place! $400 saved!


Using special tool to install rubber lock strip on Jaguar E-type windscreen (windshield)


The A-post finisher goes on last and covers windscreen trim strip and rain gutter trim strip


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