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A lot has been happening in the Motorphile shop and at various auto related events. Coupled with an extended stay in Scotland, there has not been much time for anything but keeping on top of the daily demands. The loss of a shop camera with a lot of mechanical and restoration images has also been a cause of problems in terms of the site. This is still being sorted – but will mean some articles will not be written or will not be as well illustrated as usual.

Anyway, things have settled down and there is much to look forward to on these pages for 2020. A new format is in place for the online magazine and this offers a much cleaner more efficient means to publish.

Some of the action for 2020 will include the restoration of a vintage Bentley Mk VI, work on a 1930’s Rolls Royce, restoration of 1970’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and various odds and ends on Aston Martins, MG’s, Alfas, and other cars. Stay tuned!

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