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The New Year started with an unplanned addition to the work schedule – a 1958 MGA roadster.  The car was sitting only a short distance from my shop. It was a long-term restoration project that started 30 years ago!  MG  had a new leather interior, a decent external paint job, new chrome and a partially refinished rewire.  It had new tires – installed in 1998… Both of the previous owners had subsequently moved offshore and the shop owner wanted the car removed.  The second owner – having moved to Europe and realizing the car was not going to get done, was as feeling heat from the shop owner, and knew it was time to sell.

Now, the last thing I needed was an additional project…  However, my very first car was a 1958 MGA and I have many good memories of driving it and working on it.  So there was that pull. In addition – the car is an extremely solid and completely rust free example.  The price was very good. But two hurdles presented themselves – transacting a deal with an overseas owner and then getting title to a car that had no California title – but did have almost 30 year-old paperwork from Alabama.  But – how could I resist? 

MGA In Shop Pre Sale Rotates

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