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After the water temperature/oil gauge was out of the dash, I moved the steering wheel all the way back and got ready to drop the dash. This entailed unbolting the heater controls from the base of the dash. If you have undone the water valve and air intake cables, blower wire etc. you can remove the heater controls from the car. If not, you can resting the heater control on the transmission tunnel. I also unscrewed the drives for the speedometer and the tachometer. The dash is essentially a metal plate that is held to the car by bolts along the top and four metal braces that run back from the bulkhead. Undo these and you can bring it out, tilt it forward and remove the wiring from the instruments.

Bringing the adjustable steering wheel all the way backwards allows for removal of the MGA dash.

It is a lot easier to take the wiring off the instruments and map light etc. while sitting in the passenger seat with the dash panel basically on your lap, than it is to try and do this all while the dash is in place.

Disengaging the wiring from the MGA instruments is much easier if the dash is unbolted and brought forward.

You also need to free the choke cable and the throttle cable in the engine bay in order to full remove the dash. Once all the wiring and control cables are clear – you can simply take the dash away from the car and remove the instruments and various knobs on the shop bench.

Voila, the MGA dash removed and in hand. A fairly simple operation.
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