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It was my intention to clean all the instruments, and replace pitted or otherwise poor chrome bezels, poor switches etc, and to repair and properly paint the dash to match the red paint on the body. The MGA dash was never provided from the factory with a wooden dash – although many owners have done a conversion to wood. Coupes and some later roadsters had a rexine covered dash. I personally think the original metal dash looks the best. It has a very 1950’s retro look. By the way, the coupe dash panel is a little different from the roadster one.

The instruments such as the speedometer are removed by freeing a back bracket held in place by finger nuts. The instrument is then extracted from the face of the dash. The horn button in the centre of the dash has a similar bracket and the mesh speaker screen is held in place with nuts. There should be black cardboard behind it if there is no speaker. The switches have chrome bezels that are threaded and slackening the nuts on the back of the switch allows for easy removal.

Pictures show extracting the instruments and horn button from an MGA dash after removing the dash from the car.

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