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The instruments in the MGA were pretty grungy and the chrome bezels in poor shape. In addition, when I got the car the tachometer was seized and the tachometer cable broken. To clean the faces of the instruments you have to remove the chrome bezels and glass. In theory this is easy – you just twist the bezel slightly and it should unlock and free itself, the glass and seal. Unfortunately, in many cases the seals have become a hard glue and it is a bit of a struggle. Be very careful in cleaning the painted faces – I once ruined the face on an early post-war Bentley with too vigourous a cleaning… Replacement bezels with seals, and glass if you need it, are readily available. Putting on the new bezel is simply the reverse.

Removing the bezel and glass from an MGA speedometer

Removing the instrument’s mechanism from the tachometer is done from the back. Sometimes the mechanical works are simply jammed with dirt and gunk and a careful cleaning will set things right. A small screwdriver can turn the mechanism once it is free again.

Opening up the MGA tachometer to clean and free-up mechanism

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