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After I stripped the various engine parts, I used a red heat capable primer, fine sanded things like the valve cover, and then top-coated with the Moss Motors T-Series red engine paint. I also added the metal identification and patents plates to the valve cover using small rivets. Smaller parts , such as the valve cover and oil filter canister were also baked after being top-coated. On the block and head I painted over the head studs and nuts as that was the way the engines were painted originally. Later, when I put the car on the light and was able to clean, strip and paint the oil pan. I think things turned out very well indeed! See the process and results below –

The start of stripping paint and rust from MGA valve cover.
Various engine components in red primer. The pieces in black primer will be gloss black.

Valve cover painted and metal id plate being fit.
Water pump. oil filter canister etc after top-coat and baking.
Painted MGA engine with some parts being refitted.
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