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The MGA has a separate chassis and body and these were mated at the factory. All the chassis bits are black. Thus, the engine compartment had two finishes showing when they were built. One is the black semi-glossy to satin paint on the chassis components and lower portions of the bulkhead. The other is the glossy body paint on all the inner body surfaces.

I painted the black portions of the engine compartment first using a rattle can. I then masked these areas off and proceeded to the final glossy coat to match the red of the body exterior.

To put a final coat of paint on the engine compartment, bonnet and boot bottoms and plinths I had the body paint computer matched at a local auto paint store. They did an excellent job. I sprayed a really easy to apply paint – PPG Delfleet Essential. This is a single stage paint that you mix as you go. I used a standard activator and hardener. I went with a gallon and in the end I had quite a bit left over for touch-up work – and it matches the pain on the exterior perfectly. I used a professional-quality P95 Gerson respirator. Don’t do this with a paper mask etc. In fact, for health and safety, don’t paint at all if you can avoid it, and leave it to pros. All accounts here are for entertainment.

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